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CV Writing Tips

  • Use a confident tone and positive language
  • Concentrate on your achievements not your responsibilities.
  • Make your most relevant experience and skills prominent to encourage the employer to read on
  • Keep it to the point and concentrate on the quality of your achievements, not the quantity
  • List other skills that could raise you above the competition such as languages and IT skills
  • Your CV can be far longer than the normal 2 pages of a non-academic CV but your first page should include all the best bits
  • Check thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar
  • Appeal to your online audience, ensure you have relevant keywords in your CV
  • Capture immediate attention, Prioritise the content and detail the most relevant information first.
  • Make sure that you include all Education and prizes awarded, research interest, funding awarded for research projects, other research experience and your publications.

Interview Tips

  • Research the company
  • Talk about specific accomplishments
  • Know what you want and what you’re looking for
  • Be honest
  • Ask great questions
  • Learn the interviewer’s name and use it
  • Be upfront and use clear language
  • Never badmouth former workplace
  • Talk about how you can contribute to the company
  • Send great follow-ups

Moving to UAE

  • To be updated

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